Land and People

And you thought that Sri Lanka only offered long beaches ...

... then you have never heard of the captivating beauty of the mountain terrain,
or of the romantic grandeur of the ancient Royal cities,
the fascinating experience of the large nature reserves,
the exotic spices of the kitchen,
the exceedingly hospitable people,
or the magnificently colourful folkloristic temple celebrations.

In no other land will you find such an astonishingly amazing variety of extremes as you will in Sri Lanka.

Come to us and we will show you this fascinating world that awaits you.

Rural Population

  • ca. 74% Singhalese
  • ca. 17% Tamil
  • ca. 7% Moslems
  • ca. 2% others

Language and Religion

  • Singhalese and Tamil - official language is English
  • Predominant Buddhistic and Hindu

Flora and Fauna

  • Sri Lanka is a paradise for nature lovers, with kilometer-long untouched sandy beaches, rain forests with tropical vegetation, and the Highlands with its tea plantations and more than 2000 meter high mountains.
  • It is possible to watch a variety of animal life, for example leopards, bears, water buffalos and over 400 species of birds and different reptiles.

Food and Drink

  • Tea is the most popular drink in Sri Lanka.
  • Rice and Curry can be found on every menu, traditionally served in small bowls with extras such as: meat, chicken, fish, various vegetables and perhaps lentils, that can be combined as desired.

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